We want become a member of the Coastal Cyclists!  Why should you join?  Here's a couple of great reasons:

Benefits of Membership

  1. Support statewide advocacy - Palmetto Cycling Coalition
  2. Support local advocacy group - Charleston Moves
  3. Provides secondary insurance for club members participating in organized and approved club rides.  (Click here for details about Club Insurance)
  4. 10% discount on parts, accessories and labor at local bike shops
  5. Annual Oyster Roast
  6. Annual Holiday Party
  7. Provides a social network for like minded people who share a passion for cycling

Membership Options and Costs

  1. Single Membership - $25 per year
  2. Family Membership - $25 for first person + $10 for each additional person

Membership Period

Memberships are good for one year and begin on the date of purchase.  Members will receive a membership confirmation print out when they complete the registration online.  That print out can be traded in at any club meeting for a wallet size membership card.

Register today! (Click me!)