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The Coastal Cyclists Spring Century is Saturday, April 13, 2019. This outstanding event brings people to the Lowcountry from all over the nation. It is also the club’s primary fundraiser. The proceeds from the ride support club activities as well as Charleston Moves, Palmetto Cycling Coalition and Second Chance Bikes. We hope to get 650 riders on the road and we want to show them how great our area and our club are.

There are opportunities for every type, riders and non-riders. There are many positions that require working during the ride, but if you are set on riding, you can still help. Volunteers get a free t-shirt and a meal. Below is an overview of the types of help we need.

New this year

Finish Line Greeters - When riders have worked so hard to complete their distance, it’s nice to have a friendly face to cheer and congratulate, and show them where the party is. The greeters will start around 11:30 and will sit under a tent at the finish line. This is a great job for non-riders, or for people who finish early.

Work and Ride - Many ways to help out and still ride. Some things need to be done before the event and some things can be done on the day of the event before or after you ride

  • Route marking - These folks go out in pairs and mark the various routes and put up signs. It takes several hours and must be done several days before the ride.

  • Packet Assembly - It’s like a party. A couple of days before the ride, a group gets together and stuffs coupons, brochures and freebies into the registration packets. We might stuff t-shirts, too.

  • Packet Pickup - The day before the ride we’ll set up tables at a local brewery so people can come by and pick up registration packets.

  • Parking - The important job of squeezing all the cars into the available space happens mostly before the ride starts, so you can tell people where to go for a couple of hours, then jump on your bike and ride.

During the Ride - Show your commitment to the club and to cycling in the Lowcountry by working during the event.

  • Registration and Packet Pickup - The ride starts are staged, so while some are already riding, others are still picking up packets and registering. This continues until around 9:30 AM. Once you finish this, you can become a greeter or drive a SAG vehicle or anything else you want.

  • HAM Radio - There are few people more valuable to our communities that our amateur radio operators. The folks are on standby all the time to go into action in times of emergency. To keep their skills honed, they also do fun things like support our event with excellent communication across areas where cell phone don’t work. We’ll have hams at each rest stop, at the headquarters, and on the course

  • SAG Vehicle Driver - You cannot have a bicycle ride with this number of people unless some folks are willing to drive around and help stranded, fatigued or injured riders. We’ll probably put two vehicles continuously driving three separate loops to insure that we’re covering all the routes. SAG drivers do not have to be mechanics (though it’s nice), but probably do need to be able to carry bikes.

  • Rest Stops - You’ve got to have food and drink! These important people will supply the rest stops and staff them. You get to make peanut butter sandwiches, serve drinks, answer questions and generally have a good time.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - A likable and organized person who makes everybody feel informed and important. This year it’s Stewart McKeever.

  • Ride Director - The best job of all. You get to act important while everyone else does the work. Phil Whirley likes to feel important, so he’s the ride directory this year. The job could be yours next year.

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If you have questions, email the volunteer coordinator: info@ridethelowcountry.org